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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stephen King books... my opinion on them!

Some of you guys might know that I love reading, yet I had never considered any of Stephen King's books until a few days ago. I know, that's a pretty horrible crime :) Anyways, after my mom's incessant recommendations to try out one of his books, I decided to read one of his first and most popular books: Misery. Now I know I can't say my opinion of his entire work based solely on one book, but I have to say that I am already hooked to his style of writing. I am nearing the end of Misery and already I am subconsciously trying to choose which Stephen King book I should read next. Now I know why my mom has a HUGE collection of his books.

To be quick, Stephen King has a knack for keeping you at the edge of the seat with just a few well-composed words. He can glue you to your reading chair for hours and hours because of his ability to balance out suspense and horror in a subdued manner. It is not just a freaky, horrorific, gore-splashing-everywhere type of book. I recommend any reader who is into mystery or thriller books to try it out. Any thoughts guys?


  1. I just bought one of his books. :D

  2. My own experience with King is with parodies. I probably should get around to actually reading a book one day.

  3. I've heard that the movie misery is a classic one as well.. This should be the next fiction novel i'll read.