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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rain and LOTR

Well, since it's been gloomy and gray all week, I thought I'd talk about the rain. One of my favorite things in the world. Actually, any type of precipitation: rain, snow... hail, etc. Don't forget thunderstorms! I have no idea why I like them when so many people don't. I've always been fascinated by them ever since I can remember. I used to freak my parents out by laying down on the grass in our backyard staring up at the thunderstorm for hours. Although I have no backyard where I live now, I compensate by going to the balcony instead. For some reason, rain gets me all spacy and slightly homesick (I have no idea why). You gotta admit, the pre/during/after-rain smell is pretty delicious. Of course, the weather forecast has been predicting rain for days in Spain yet I've been sorely disappointed. I would say there has been about ten minutes of rain in total this week. Just a lot of chilly wind and leaves fluttering down (annoyingly) onto your head.

On another note, I've been reading the first book in the Lord of the Rings trilogy for a few days now. I have to say, it is quickly becoming one of my favorite books. Of course, even though I was an avid watcher of the movies since I was a kid, I never got to the books (I am ashamed to admit this). I remember how "magical" LOTR was when watching it as a kid; while I'm flipping through the pages the same feeling rises inside me. I really look forward to finishing the books and watching the movies again! I'm also very excited for The Hobbit, which is coming out next year. 

Oh yeah! Speaking of, is anyone surprised at how quickly the year's passed already? It's almost November!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Battlefield 3 in a week!

I am so excited for BF3 which will be coming out in exactly a week. I haven't had something to look forward to in a long time. I've already pre-ordered it and will be getting it in a matter of days.. hee hee. It's even better than Christmas, actually. For anyone who's played the beta, what did you think of it? Personally (despite a few bugs), I loved it and got me even more excited for its release.

For some reason, what makes me even happier than shopping for shoes or bags (which I don't do very often anyways) is buying a new video game. Or just even downloading one online or going to a friend's house to play it. The most fun part is sitting down, controller in hand, (and preferably a snack to your right) and getting ready to start a totally new game. I remember getting the N64 back when I was in kindergarten and had my first experience with a console playing Mario Kart. Needless to say, my little mind was blown away. After that, new video games have been somewhat magical for me!

Do any other gamers feel the same? Is anyone ready for the "gaming season" when all the new games (AC4, MW3, BF3, Skyrim, etc.) are coming out? I sure am!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Why I hate group projects

Hey guys, so the past week I had to do a group project with two other people. Normally I don't like them because of how many times I end up doing all the work. And this time was no different, except it was possibly worse! 

Long story short, I had a lot of stuff to do that week even BEFORE the project was assigned. Now the project itself wasn't hard at all... In fact, it could have easily been done in a day, not a week. I assigned everyone fairly equal parts, even giving myself the hardest bits. Of course, even with the huge amount of work I already had, I worked my butt off and was actually proud of the result. I checked up on my group members every day, and they were full of excuses and complaints but somehow we trudged along. However, they couldn't even be bothered to at least attempt to do something. On presentation day, nobody was ready except for me, and I had to pretty much improvise and do their parts as well. Needless to say, it would have been a borderline F if I had not put some special effects here and there.

And that is why I will hate group projects for the majority of my life. Well, that's not to say I have had some succesful ones in the past, but most of the time it's a nightmare. I'm usually the "smart kid" who ends up doing all the work.... What annoys me is the fact that the people I usually end up working with CAN do their part, but they just choose not to.

What about you guys? Yea or nay to group projects?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Introverts (and Extroverts!)

I'm sure a lot of you guys have heard someone being described as an introvert many times. Most people think introverts are socially awkward, shy, and have no friends. Welllll... not really.

I was doing a bit of research on this because I was wondering why I was quiet and more known as the "thinker" compared to others, even though I have a good circle of friends and am (hopefully) not socially awkward. According to about.com, this is what an introvert is defined as:
Basically, an introvert is a person who is energized by being alone and whose energy is drained by being around other people.

Introverts are more concerned with the inner world of the mind. They enjoy thinking, exploring their thoughts and feelings. They often avoid social situations because being around people drains their energy. This is true even if they have good social skills. After being with people for any length of time, such as at a party, they need time alone to "recharge."

When introverts want to be alone, it is not, by itself, a sign of depression. It means that they either need to regain their energy from being around people or that they simply want the time to be with their own thoughts.
Surprisingly, this was almost an exact fit for my personality!

Then what are extroverts you ask? From the same website, here is what they have to say:
Basically, an extrovert is a person who is energized by being around other people. This is the opposite of an introvert who is energized by being alone.

Extroverts tend to "fade" when alone and can easily become bored without other people around. When given the chance, an extrovert will talk with someone else rather than sit alone and think. In fact, extroverts tend to think as they speak, unlike introverts who are far more likely to think before they speak. Extroverts often think best when they are talking. Concepts just don't seem real to them unless they can talk about them; reflecting on them isn't enough.

Extroverts enjoy social situations and even seek them out since they enjoy being around people.
Another fun fact: we are either born as introverts our extroverts! It is extremely hard (or impossible) to just snap our fingers and go from introvert to extrovert or vice versa. Although I was very shy as a kid, as I grew up it was much easier to make friends and socialize. However, it was (and still is) hard for me to be a "party girl" or the one that likes to be in the spotlight.

So what do you guys think? Are you introverts or extroverts, or something in the middle? :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

What are you going to be for Halloween? (and an apology)

Wow. Hi guys. Too be honest I'm a bit angry with myself for not writing on my blog for so long. This week has been a Disaster with a capital D, but I know that's no excuse for slacking. Anyway, Halloween is coming up! It's in a little more than two weeks; to be honest, I never got too excited for it for the past few years, but for some reason I am getting that childish excitement rising once again.

However, I am not the most original person in the world, so I am still struggling to think of what to be. I'm actually considering being No Face from the movie Spirited Away simply because it's a very easy costume and it's also from my favorite movie. But who knows what I'll be? I haven't dressed up for years! :D

No Face

I've also considered being a video game character (haha very original) but somehow it's leaning more on cosplay than an actual Halloween costume. And let's not even talk about those "policewoman" or "nurse" outfits I'm seeing the stores selling to 12 year old girls... blegh

So what do you guys plan on being this Halloween? Will it be a store-bought costume or home made? And most importantly, any ideas for what I can dress up as?

Have an awesome Friday guys!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

50 Followers! (+ a few updates)

Hi guys! I woke up this morning to find I finally had 50 followers. I know it's a small milestone, but it's still a milestone, right? :) Thanks so much to everyone who has commented and followed my blog. I promise I will put even more effort into it! I also want to say that I've been tweaking a few things on my blog like the layout and background. I know these changes are subtle; more will be coming soon!

Without further ado, here is a celebratory son (I just really like this song and I thought you guys would like the music video- it has tons of video game references in it!) :

Have a great day everyone!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Is it time to say good-bye to The Simpsons?

So many of you guys might know that there was a bit of a scare where people thought The Simpsons would end in a few more seasons. Here is an article where it is stated that it will go on at least until Season 25, which is a relief. However, must all good things come to an end? As many of you probably have, I grew up watching The Simpsons on a daily basis, and I've been glad for such a long time that they were the one consistent television show.

However, I've noticed that the show has gone downhill nowadays; even though it DOES keep its charm and unique touch, there are more recycled, predictable jokes and a lot more inappropriate content.

Trust me, I really AM glad that The Simpsons won't be ending any time soon, but I'm thinking it will end after Season 25 or maybe one or two more seasons. Although I'll be upset like many others, I wouldn't be very surprised. So tell me guys. Is it a good time to bid farewell to our favorite American family? :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Person of Interest: I love this TV show!

A lot of you are probably aware that a lot of new season premieres are going on right about now. I've been busy watching them but there was one in particular that caught my eye: it's a new TV show called Person of Interest.

Here is a short summary:
PERSON OF INTEREST stars Jim Caviezel, Emmy Award winner Michael Emerson and Academy Award nominee Taraji P. Henson in a crime thriller about a presumed dead former-CIA agent, Reese, who teams up with a mysterious billionaire, Finch, to prevent violent crimes by using their own brand of vigilante justice.

Reese's special training in covert operations appeals to Finch, a software genius who invented a program that uses pattern recognition to identify people about to be involved in violent crimes. Using state-of-the-art surveillance technology, the two work outside of the law, using Reese's adept skills and Finch's unlimited wealth to unravel the mystery of the "person of interest" and stop the crime before it happens. Reese's actions draw the attention of the NYPD, including homicide detective Carter, and Fusco, a cop whom Reese uses to his advantage. With infinite crimes to investigate, Reese and Finch find that the right person, with the right information, at the right time, can change everything. (link) 

I watched the pilot and I have to say I love it. Somehow this show seems new and fresh. The show itself is a very good idea and is NOT a letdown. Acting and plot was very good, and I was actually very excited for the upcoming episode after I finished watching the pilot. It really makes you think about how many times we are being watched and observed everyday. Anyone who likes action and mystery will adore this.

Anyone else watch some good shows recently? :)