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Sunday, April 22, 2012


So recently I've started watching a TV show called Revenge. It's a relatively new show; it just finished its first season. I must admit, at first I was annoyed at all the teasers and previews that were being shown every three minutes on TV, but the show itself is pretty addicting.

The show is (as the title says) about a woman who decides to take revenge on those who had ruined her father's life, leading to his death later on. She moves (undercover) to the neighborhood where it all started, a rich, high-class part of town which is already bursting with drama and secrets. She takes down each and every neighbor one by one with cunning genius.

I don't know where the show will take me as I am only on my 6th or 7th episode, but it seems quite promising so far. Anyone who is a fan of mystery, crime, and drama will really enjoy this show!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

our sole reason for living?

And these.

Just thought I couldn't continue my blog without one full post solely dedicated to these gifts sent from above. To the chocolate gods, thank you for years and years of happiness.

Good day to you all.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Oh Facebook...

If this blog post is shared 99,999,999 times, this kitten will finally catch that annoying red laser dot!

Normally I'm quite a passive person but there is just one thing that drives me crazy these days. If you have a Facebook account you probably have seen the "10,000 likes and this baby will get a free heart transplant!" pictures (or things of similar nature, usually involving small children or puppies). There is just so much wrong with these pictures. Right, I know some pictures are shared out of good heart, to perhaps spread a message or raise awareness. But... here goes

Why these shared photos are just wrong
1) 99% of the pictures are taken out of context and set in a fake backstory used to manipulate its audience. An old dog simply recovering from surgery can be twisted around to say it was abused. This causes a lot of people to jump the gun without making any sort of logical connection or even taking out the time to investigate.

2) Sharing or liking doesn't do anything. There is no doctor cruel enough to say, "hey, normally I don't do this but if this picture of your baby gets shared 100,000 times, I will do her surgery for free!". As with those "every share is 5 cents for (name of charity)", it has been confirmed that every single one of these are fake. There is no money being made for anyone (even the ones that are "sponsored by Facebook"). 

3) Blind-sighted ego boosts. Yes, no doubt there were loads of people who shared these pictures with good intent. But it seems to make people think that anyone who doesn't share it with all their friends is the spawn of Satan who hates little dogs. And that somehow their karma check for the day has been accomplished.

I'm sure a lot of people will disagree with me at this somewhat harsh look at what seems like harmless photo-sharing, but having seen too many of these, I felt like I had to rant about it.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The best combo on a rainy day!

For some crazy reason, it's April and Spain's been busy with a ton of rain recently. Just when it seemed like spring was finally coming, it feels like we've gone back to winter. Anyways, if any of you remember my older post about how much I love rain, I realized today I wanted to share a delightfully new supplement for that post! An old friend of mine showed these to me. They are 2 tracks that you listen to simultaneously on a rainy day, and I must say it is quite relaxing (and makes you feel like a powerful old man with a cat on his lap). Enjoy!

Combine this and this. And this for an extra touch!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Poems brought to life

So here's another TED talk that I found fascinating. I am a big fan of digital media and was imrpessed by how the poems of Billy Collins were turned into visual depictions through surprisingly diverse mediums. For example, I remember one was made through "claymations" and another with magazine clippings. I thought I'd share it; I've never really seen this sort of depiction before! It's very cool.

I hope you guys liked it as well! I loved the little sound effects they implemented into the videos. It somehow makes all the poems so much easier to understand.

Have a great day!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools!

Happy first of April to everyone!
Guess what I found today while looking for directions on Google Maps? I'm not sure if this was here before but it did make me laugh a lot more than I probably should have. It reminds me a lot of a Super Mario-Pokemon hybrid map.

Overhead view

Street view. Oh god.

I hope Google keeps it, because it is so cool! I'm thinking it's just an April Fools joke but this is just way too funny. Too bad I completely forgot it was April Fool's Day today... I just came home from going out with a couple of friends and it would have been the perfect time to play a prank (I enjoy pranks. A lot).

I say go ahead and check it out! You can't miss this :)