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Monday, July 9, 2012

Back! (again)

So after weeks of finals (and final studying), end of the year parties and farewells, I'm finally done with school! Well, for now. Sorry it took a good month to figure things out before I could get back to blogging!

I've been busy this summer using my time effectively and wisely by having Avatar marathons and indulging in new TV shows every other day. And playing a lot of Minecraft (by the way, is anyone really excited for the 1.3 update??).

 Speaking of Minecraft, check out some images I found a few days back! None of these are mine but they sure to inspire me to build. And those shader mods! I believe I just had a nerdgasm. In fact, if you kind of squint your eyes (or was Asian like me... just kidding....), it almost looks like a real photo. Really, it's amazing what you can do with a sandbox game like Minecraft. Kind of puts my dirt house out of the league, when you look at it.

Check out more pictures here!
Anyways, I'll be back to regular posts, hopefully!
Hope everyone is enjoying their summer :3