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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Jerry is kind of a bastard

As most lazy Sunday mornings go, I found myself lounging on my sofa a few hours ago, flipping through some channels. I was surprised to find that Cartoon Network was playing a Tom and Jerry marathon and some inner child told me I should watch it for old time's sake.

It took me a good three minutes into the episode to realize something.
Jerry is a pretty mean little guy.
I mean, not that Tom should have spent about 99% of his lifespan chasing after some damn rat when he can easily open the refrigerator (as many episodes show him doing), but still. Come on.

I used to idolize Jerry but now I feel kind of bad for Tom. After all, his owner is always on about catching the stupid rat and he's just doing her bidding.

Just look at this video! I can't believe I never noticed how cruel Jerry was until now.

Hmph. Most of what Tom the cat did was playful chasing and maybe batting it back and forth a bit with his paw. Jerry somehow has used explosives, knives, pianos, anvils and many other painful mechanisms to break every bone in Tom's body. Repeatedly. So yeah, an apology goes to Tom for all those years I spent hating him. Although obviously both sides have their own faults. 

Hooray for childhood naivety!