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Sunday, April 22, 2012


So recently I've started watching a TV show called Revenge. It's a relatively new show; it just finished its first season. I must admit, at first I was annoyed at all the teasers and previews that were being shown every three minutes on TV, but the show itself is pretty addicting.

The show is (as the title says) about a woman who decides to take revenge on those who had ruined her father's life, leading to his death later on. She moves (undercover) to the neighborhood where it all started, a rich, high-class part of town which is already bursting with drama and secrets. She takes down each and every neighbor one by one with cunning genius.

I don't know where the show will take me as I am only on my 6th or 7th episode, but it seems quite promising so far. Anyone who is a fan of mystery, crime, and drama will really enjoy this show!

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