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Saturday, April 7, 2012

The best combo on a rainy day!

For some crazy reason, it's April and Spain's been busy with a ton of rain recently. Just when it seemed like spring was finally coming, it feels like we've gone back to winter. Anyways, if any of you remember my older post about how much I love rain, I realized today I wanted to share a delightfully new supplement for that post! An old friend of mine showed these to me. They are 2 tracks that you listen to simultaneously on a rainy day, and I must say it is quite relaxing (and makes you feel like a powerful old man with a cat on his lap). Enjoy!

Combine this and this. And this for an extra touch!


  1. it actually rained really crazy over here the other day. Even hailed too, all while I was out shopping

  2. Relaxing! :)
    Thanks for the share!