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Friday, October 14, 2011

What are you going to be for Halloween? (and an apology)

Wow. Hi guys. Too be honest I'm a bit angry with myself for not writing on my blog for so long. This week has been a Disaster with a capital D, but I know that's no excuse for slacking. Anyway, Halloween is coming up! It's in a little more than two weeks; to be honest, I never got too excited for it for the past few years, but for some reason I am getting that childish excitement rising once again.

However, I am not the most original person in the world, so I am still struggling to think of what to be. I'm actually considering being No Face from the movie Spirited Away simply because it's a very easy costume and it's also from my favorite movie. But who knows what I'll be? I haven't dressed up for years! :D

No Face

I've also considered being a video game character (haha very original) but somehow it's leaning more on cosplay than an actual Halloween costume. And let's not even talk about those "policewoman" or "nurse" outfits I'm seeing the stores selling to 12 year old girls... blegh

So what do you guys plan on being this Halloween? Will it be a store-bought costume or home made? And most importantly, any ideas for what I can dress up as?

Have an awesome Friday guys!


  1. Imma be Satan. >:3

  2. I'll probably find a silly moustache and be "Silly moustache man who's way too drunk".... yay!

  3. I was thinking Venom, but I just had a new idea for a costume, but I don't wanna say what that may be just yet xD

  4. I was inspector gadget last year..just grab a trenchcoat, use a boxing glove taped to a slinky for your arm, and inflate some latex gloves and put them on your hat. pretty funny!

  5. I liked that film Spirited Away, I havent made any costume plans yet though

  6. I'll dress like a drunk person that's for sure :)

  7. I'm going to a Halloween party, and I'll dress as an FBI agent. It's simple, easy, I'll just grab my best suit, put on some shades, an earphone-communicator thingy and an identification.

    Oh, and, nice blog. +Followed!

  8. Hmm..have you seen Death note? You could be that girl from the show...Kira's girlfriend...I forget the name Misa? Oh well you might know what I'm talking about.