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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Why I hate group projects

Hey guys, so the past week I had to do a group project with two other people. Normally I don't like them because of how many times I end up doing all the work. And this time was no different, except it was possibly worse! 

Long story short, I had a lot of stuff to do that week even BEFORE the project was assigned. Now the project itself wasn't hard at all... In fact, it could have easily been done in a day, not a week. I assigned everyone fairly equal parts, even giving myself the hardest bits. Of course, even with the huge amount of work I already had, I worked my butt off and was actually proud of the result. I checked up on my group members every day, and they were full of excuses and complaints but somehow we trudged along. However, they couldn't even be bothered to at least attempt to do something. On presentation day, nobody was ready except for me, and I had to pretty much improvise and do their parts as well. Needless to say, it would have been a borderline F if I had not put some special effects here and there.

And that is why I will hate group projects for the majority of my life. Well, that's not to say I have had some succesful ones in the past, but most of the time it's a nightmare. I'm usually the "smart kid" who ends up doing all the work.... What annoys me is the fact that the people I usually end up working with CAN do their part, but they just choose not to.

What about you guys? Yea or nay to group projects?


  1. Well don't worry. It gets worse. Almost everything in college is fucking group project. God... =(

  2. Honestly i hate them as well. I, however, prefer to do all the work cause i at least know it's being done right.

  3. I hate people, too. (:

  4. I *always* get pegged with the slackers. They don't even attempt any LAST MINUTE stuff, which is pretty sad.

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  6. I am in college and for some reason my education classes love making us teachers to be do lesson plans and presenting them as a group even though when you become a real teacher, you are on your own with exception to department meetings.

    So now I have to work with people who are in different content areas who all keep coming up with inferior ideas. I come up with a good one and this one kid keeps trying to botch it up by whining about this and that. The teacher loves the idea and makes a good suggestion to which I agree and other students start frowning on the idea of actually having to put in an effort.

    I email students with a lot of videos for the discussion questions and asked if they could look at them and get back to me so that we could either look for more. No one responds back.

    I write up some discussion questions and it is then I realized, my ideas are good, my questions are good, the videos I have chosen are good, why am I having to subject myself to what others think might be good when none of them can find a few minutes of their time to participate in the project? Why am I allowing my grade to suffer because they don't want to do anything and when they do, it is all suggestions that does not take into account what we are supposed to be focusing on.

    This is why when I become a teacher I will let students decide if they want to work in groups or work alone because I am a tired of my grade depending on the crap jobs of others. I could make this project awesome if I could work alone.