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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jack Johnson: one of my favorites!

Today I decided to write about one of my favorite singers (in the world). You guys probably know who he is: Jack Johnson! I was one of the late fans, to be honest. I first listened to one of his songs last year and I fell in love. So without much ado, here is one of my favorite songs by him!

I just love that even though he uses very few instruments, he manages to make amazing songs coupled with very original lyrics. I always listen to his songs whenever I am stressed or having a bad day. Anyone agree with me?


  1. I like the song. It's the kind where you can't help but be happy. Makes me think of lazy Sunday mornings.

  2. ohh i love this song! hes such a gifted musician

  3. Wow, I was actually moved by that song.

  4. Great song!
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  5. I had never heard about him, but it's great!! :D