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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Birth order and relationships...?

 I was snooping around on Google and I came across a fairly recent article about how the order you were born in (only child, last child, middle child, first child, etc.) can affect the types of people you have most compatibility with when you are dating. I myself am a last-born and I prefer guys that are more outgoing and confident, although I don't have much of a problem with shy guys either. I'm not too sure if this is exactly accurate, but it is still fun too look at! Check it out here. What do you guys think? For anyone in a relationship, does this ring true?  Any other opinions?


  1. That's interesting. :D

  2. Very interesting...now that I think about it it seems to make sense.

  3. I dont know about this one, not sure what it would have to do with attraction

  4. I'm on the fence with this, definitely needs more research, as I normally get along better with girls who are last born like myself.

  5. That's really interesting...I'm not sure what to make of it. Great post +Followed

  6. I heard of some studies on this before, but never seen any results. First Born and First Born here, going on about a year and a half, but things are going great.

    Could be an exception, or whatnot, but who knows.

    Loving the blog! +1 Follower: