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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dear Facebook...

Now I'm not one of those Facebook haters. I actually was a fan of it for some time. But the change's they're implementing are ridiculous, especially the one they added yesterday. So here's a little rant. The little "Ticker" on the right is distracting and annoying; I don't really care that my second cousins' friend liked a picture of her boyfriend's dog. Besides, if I can see all this information from other profiles, I'm pretty sure that makes my information quite vulnerable as well... The "Top News" features is also getting on my nerves. I am getting top news from people I barely know, even with the help of filters. I know we'll just get used to it like we always do, but I feel like I should migrate to Google + soon....


  1. I really don't mind the changes, they're pretty minor. I can see what their strategy is. They're playing off of Twitter's success. Go and look at your news feed, it starts to look more and more like twitter, with an extra step in the corner with the ticker.

  2. I guess I'm returning to MySpace. :P

  3. already migrated, just get on facebook to troll with my friends.