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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Do you believe in horoscopes (and HIMYM)?

When I was young I used to believe all kinds of crazy things. I must admit that to this day I'm still a big interested in blood type personalities and horoscopes. Doesn't mean I believe them, but they're still fun for me! Now I'm no expert in astrology so I have no idea if horoscopes and zodiac signs are actually accurate or something to entertain us. Either way, I find that horoscopes are very fun to look at, although I'm not one of those crazy types that base their relationships and actions on horoscopes. It's cool to think what my "type" of people are "supposed" to do. What about you guys? Do you believe in things like Zodiac or Chinese animal horoscopes?

On another note, I just watched the new episode of How I Met Your Mother today! Absolutely loved it and I thought it was touching. I won't give any spoilers here, so you better watch it! :)

Have a great day guys...


  1. Horoscopes are worded so that they apply to everyone... astrology is a myth.

  2. im quite curious about it but i really dont pay attention to it :I

  3. man, that show is funny as hell and horoscopes got confusing after they made the new one, but whatev.

  4. My recent horoscope was dead on, and I read it at the end of the day. Astrology isn't an exact science, I think it's more like predicting the weather.

  5. No, i don't believe.