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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Best places to get a new pet...?

Hey guys. Sorry about the lack of posts this week, but this week was my first week of school and as you know, they are the busiest. I'll be back with my daily posts by next week! Anyways, today I wanted to touch on a popular question among future pet-owners: where to get them?

I, like many people, love animals. I grew up with half a dozen of them throughout my childhood and I can't imagine how my life would be without my lovely pets :P I just want to start this off and say that in the end it's all up to you to decide where you want to get your puppy. However, I just want to say my part on the best places to get your cat/dog/other.

I HIGHLY recommend you adopt a dog or cat from a volunteer shelter. I know many of you guys think that these places are "dirty" and none of the animals are clean, but that is so far from the truth. I've been to these animal shelters and it is so clean and hygienic- they make sure all the animals get their vaccines and if they are sick, they take care of them so well and are better in no time.

Besides, they are not "damaged" either. Sure, some of them have come from an abusive home, but that just means they are even more desperate for love and a companion. Remember that you save TWO animals by adopting one- the one you adopted, and the space you freed up for another animal to live in. When I volunteered at an animal shelter a few years ago, I had to admit that they are such lovebugs. At the risk of sounding extremely cheesy, all they want is some affection :)

If you are looking for a specific breed (whether you just like a certain type or you take care of show cats), the obvious place to go to is a dog/cat breeder. However, please know that they are VERY pricey, and why pay $800 for a cat when you can adopt one for free? Be very careful when buying a dog at these places- although most of them are just nice people raising cats and dogs, some of them are "puppy mills" that put dogs in near-inhumane conditions and are inbred just for the sake of profit. Same goes for cats and any other type of animal.

What I also suggest is just buying or adopting a pet from your neighbors. Most of the time they are very cheap (or free) and they were raised in nice conditions. The downside is that they might not have all the vaccinations and medication they need, nor the right type of environment. You can, however, easily get it checked out at the vet.

Now the last option is the pet store... Personally, I don't recommend it only because I don't really like how they are objectified and put on display so that people will buy them. In addition, they are usually put in really bad conditions (very small space, no toys, not very clean) and buying an animal from there will only make another space for another dog to live in. However, there are some nice pet stores that keep their animals in large, free spaces. If you want, you can get one from those- although adopting one is still the best option :D

So that's all the information I have on where to get a new pet.
Have a great day guys!


  1. All my cats came from the streets.

  2. Great article, thanks for the tips;)!

  3. I adopted both my dogs from a shelter. They're so awesome! I like your blog. +1 following