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Friday, September 16, 2011

Choosing the gender of your baby...?

The concept of choosing your child's sex has been around for a few years now. I'm not here to argue about how successful it is, or whether it is even a real thing. All I want to talk about is how ethical something like this is. Now I want to start off and say I'm not a religious person, so this just stems from my own personal beliefs.  I remember how when my mom got prengant with my older brother, she wanted a daughter really bad but ended up giving birth to a son. She tells me, however, that she had nothing to worry about because my brother was "the best son in the world". What if she had been living in our times? What if she had taken some sort of procedure or treatment that would let her choose a baby girl? Imagine how different my brother (or potential older sister)'s life would be, along with mine and my parents'.

There are also some rumors circulating that soon we will be able to choose our baby's physical characteristics, like hair color, eye color, height, weight, etc. It's all very impressive, but in my opinion I think it's morally wrong. Giving birth is a natural thing in my opinion, and we shouldn't try to change it and play God. If you wanted a daughter and you get a son, I think you should just be glad to have a healthy baby boy, instead of messing around with "gender choosing kits". In the end, just because we have the technology to do something doesn't mean we HAVE to use it.

Opinions? :)


  1. Hitler would be happy with this. :S

  2. Personally I'd leave it up to nature, but I don't have a problem with it.

  3. I'd let nature decide also, it seems to know best.

  4. Interesting read. I've nothing to say on this matter, just that we shouldn't manipulate science to the extent of replacing natural and REAL things...

  5. That's what happens with technological advancement and a world full of narcissists.

    Everyone wants things just so. And since everything is about money. Services like those you described will become common place.