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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Growing up with homosexual parents...

Today I'm going to tread into some controversial ground. I just want to start off and say this is my opinion only and you are totally entitled to yours! After watching a hilarious episode of Modern Family, I started wondering what are the pros and cons of being raised by a same-sex couple.

I guess the biggest concern is that the child will be missing either a motherly or fatherly role in their life, seeing as it has two guardians of the same gender. I agree completely that every kid needs to have a dad and a mom during their childhood- I know many friends who come from broken families and they have more struggles and problems in their lives. Now who's to say that (for example) a homosexual man can't assume the role of the mom while his partner acts as the fatherly role? Does it have to be an actual man and woman, or can they just have the qualities that a mom and a dad are "supposed" to have?

In addition, although homophobia as gone down compared to the past decade, it is still persistent in our society. Wouldn't the child face ridicule or bullying as it grew up for having gay parents? Wouldn't that affect him/her psychologically? I too was bullied as a kid (for a different reason) and I have to say that it still does affect me years after. 

Now, leaving it at that, I think that there are some pros to this. Obviously same-sex couples can't just straight up have a baby whenever they want. It's either adoption or artificial insemination, which are both incredibly time-consuming processes. To me, it seems that if they are willing to go through all that to have a child, it shows that they are definitely ready to be loving parents, unlike a 15-year-old (STRAIGHT) girl who ended up getting pregnant because she didn't use protection.

I have to be honest and say I am still on the fence about this topic. I am leaning slightly to the pro-gay couple side, although (as I expressed before) I have doubts that the potential child will have a "normal" childhood. However, I do have a close friend who was raised by two lesbians. He is perfectly normal in my opinion.... good grades, popular with the girls, and a generally nice kid. I know this is just ONE person and doesn't represent every gay parent in the world, but I just want to put it out there.

What do you guys think? Thoughts? Opinions?


  1. I dated a girl who was raised her whole life by lesbians. She was as normal as any other girl I've dated since, and above average in many regards.

  2. I don't think homosexual parents is a big deal. :/
    Actually, I know some...

  3. I think that so long as the parents are good, the difference in the children is small.

  4. I think that, just as your friend with one more mother than most exemplifies, there is absolutely no problem with gay parents raising a child. Great post.