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Friday, September 2, 2011

Calvin and Hobbes: Was Hobbes real...?

So anyone who's grown up in the 90's like me probably read a lot of Calvin and Hobbes in their childhood. It was always a laugh to read the C&H comics, and I still read them now. I've always wondered as a child if Hobbes was really.. real?

Do not despair, this comic strip has been proved to be fake!

I guess what most people would say is the "main message" is that you know, "Hobbes was just Calvin's figment of imagination"... blah blah blah. But I always thought that Hobbes was a real tiger that would only come to life when Calvin was around. Even as I grew up and grew skeptical of Hobbes' existence, I was reluctant to let go of this theory. I mean, there were certain instances where Calvin couldn't possibly have done something if Hobbes had been a stuffed toy.

Is this a slightly stupid, immature topic to discuss? Possibly. But I've been wondering this for many, many years of my life and I finally get to talk about it! What do you guys think? Was Hobbes ever real?


  1. I don't know. I even wonder if I'm real. D:

  2. hahah poor tiger, no one wants to play with him, im not from the us so is the first time i see this comic, so i cannot discuss much about it, but it seems that kind of gags that you read and love when youre a kid but understand when you grow up!

    great post :)

  3. I love Calvin and Hobbes. Great Stuff. Please post more of your thoughts on it.

  4. I never knew he was just a toy. :(

  5. Hard to tell whether he was real or not. All I can really say is that the author's smart humor is one of the best I've stumbled upon.

  6. I was never really sure either. I always liked the idea that he was just a figment of Calvin's imagination.

  7. For me he is. I won't even entertain then thought that he wasn't.

  8. I don't think Calvin is real either...