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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Advice: Being the "new" kid

Hey guys! School starts tomorrow for me, and I have to say I'm excited and nervous at the same time! I'm not new this year, but I've met some of the new students and they seemed really anxious. That gave me the idea to write this post about how you can have fun at a new school. I've moved around SO much in my life (from continent to continent), having to start a new school every 2 years or so. Over the years, I've accumulated a small amount of knowledge when it comes to being the new kid at school. So here goes :)

#1: Make a good first impression
  Dress nicely and be polite. Don't be afraid to let your personality show, because people you meet won't know what type of person you are at first. It's okay to be shy, because who isn't on the first day? But try and be friendly as it's a very easy way to make friends. It's a very shallow thing to say, but on the first day, everyone will be checking out the "new kids". It's a good idea to make a good impression so that the rumors don't start flying around the moment you step into school.

#2: Don't worry about making too much friends at first
  That can come later. For now, it's important to try and meet one or two people who you like. They can help you around the school for the first week or so and also introduce you to their group of friends. I've been lost countless times during my first few days at school, so it's always good to have someone who can guide you to your classes.  

#3: Don't lie!
   We all know how tempting it is to tell everyone that your dad is actually the CEO of Sony and that you used to live in a mansion. BUT things always catch up in the end! It is a really bad idea to exaggerate and lie about your past life to your new friends. In the end, they are bound to find out the truth (for example, your classmate's cousin might have known you before) and it'll just make them lose trust in you. Trust me, I've seen this happen so may times.

#4:Learn the "rhythm" of the school
  Try and find out what the teachers are like, what people expect from you, and what type of class rotation you have. It'll be so much either when you figure out the rhythm of the place. You can easily do this by asking a new friend, or just spending a few days at school will give you a good idea of what type of school it is.   

#5: And finally... be yourself
  I know, what a cliche thing to say. But there's no point trying to be someone who you aren't. It'll just end up stressing you out and bothering you. I say it's always good to be yourself; if someone doesn't like you for it, then just don't be their friend! It might seem like a good idea to change yourself to fit in in the short run, but it's always a bad idea in the end.

That's all I have for you guys... most of these tips apply to high school but they can be used in any sort of setting- middle school, college, etc.

Good luck! Hope I helped :)


  1. It's hard to make a good first impression when your beard is 10 cm long, and your hair is very very long. People think I worship Satan or something. :/

  2. Whoa, you travel a lot! Wish I could travel so much like you :)

  3. you forget something important "stand for yourself" is very common nowadays to "bother" or make the new guy have a "bad day" when he first start school...if in your first impression you show you're not someone to mess with, they will respect you the rest of the school life