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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Advice: Getting the right present for your girlfriend

Many guys have trouble deciding what to get for their girlfriend on a special day like their birthday or their one year anniversary. I can honestly say that girls have the same struggles too; I myself have been a victim of this!

For any female viewers, I'm afraid I can't give much advice on what to get your boyfriend, seeing as I usually choose to get random presents like lava lamps and Pokémon cards :P However, for any guys in the comments, feel free to talk about which kinds of presents you like!

Method 1: The easy, "materialistic" way

Not to say that all girls are easily swayed by diamonds and Prada bags, but we do have things that we have been eyeing for a while but have been a little out of our price range. If you're not sure what kinds of things your girlfriend wants at the moment, try leafing through any magazines she's left around or (secretly) look at which fashion websites she looks at online. It's not that hard- she'll probably be hinting at it weeks before her it's her birthday. The last thing you want to do is ask her girlfriends. They might give an honest answer, but they won't keep quiet about it no matter how much they promise they won't tell!

Method 2: Something you made

 Can you compose songs? Are you good at drawing? Think of the possibilities! Many girls would prefer a song you wrote just for her over a 500$ perfume bottle. It just shows that you took time to make something just for her, and it really touches us deeply :P Try and think of things she likes... if she likes dogs, you can make a clay model of you and her as dogs in love (Lady and the Tramp, anyone?)! Try and be creative. Girls love that. But (key point here!) make sure it's something that will last. Cooking her a lovely romantic dinner is a good idea, but she'll look back and realize she has nothing in the present to hold onto that day.

Method 3: A little something from the past

Girls love it when you remember stuff. However, I know that guys usually have problems remembering small details and usually remember the event itself (I'm not trying to be patronizing, it was proved in a study!). If you remember any special days, like your first date or the first time you met, that's great! Get a little something that reminds you guys of that day. For example, if it started snowing the first time you saw her, get her a snowflake necklace! I know it's hard to expect you guys to remember small things like that, so here's another idea (that most girls fall for): try to think of what your girlfriend reminded you of the first time you met. This is where your poetic/creative side needs to come in... Still confused? Okay. Say you get your girlfriend earrings with roses on them. When you see her puzzled expression, say something like, "That's for the first time I saw you. You reminded me so much of a beautiful red rose." Does it sound cheesy? Yes. But does it work? All the time! 

Method 4: Something of yours

This is only for girls you want to make a commitment to! Give her something that you treasure. It shows her that you are willing to give up something you really like for her. However, try to make it a bit better than something like your favorite hoodie or baseball cap. Presents for special days need to be special too!

That's all I have for you guys. Feel free to discuss any other types of presents you can get a beloved one in the comments!


  1. Wow! Thanks for the advice! I have bumped into this problem many a time also :/ If I were honest, me personally would LOVE something they made, as it is personal, and special, but if ALL else fails, Buy a gift card for a store they like, If you cant pick a gift, Let them! :D\it's not as personal, or special, but It's sure tomake them happy:)

  2. hahaha great comment! I'm glad I helped :D