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Saturday, August 27, 2011


Hey guys, my name is Hannah. I just wanted to say a quick hi to everyone before I got down to blogging! This blog will just be about random stuff... from the things I experience every day, to my favorite music and tv shows, video games, things on the news, or girly things like makeup and teen advice :)

Anyone and everyone is welcome to read my blog, and hopefully many people enjoy it. I promise that it'll get more interesting in time, I know it looks very boring with one of the default templates and only ONE post! HA :) I can't wait!

I live in beautiful Europe and I love it! I have a one year old cat, my favorite color is blue and winter is my favorite season. Video games make up half of my life, I love them so much! There are loads of other facts about me, but they won't interest you can be talked about later on.

This is my newly-made twitter account for anyone who wants updates!

To any readers, hope you like my blog! Have fun and thanks!

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