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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Had a confusing dream recently?

We've all had those dreams where we wake up and have a crystal-clear memory of it. Sometimes we feel like asking ourselves, "what did that dream mean? Was it just a dream?". I myself have had those kinds of dreams many times. Those kinds that make us think and ponder the whole day about it. Well, this might help figure out what your dream meant: dream interpretation.

Now, I know many people are skeptical about it. And don't worry, I'm not some wide-eyed gypsy that's going to predict your death from a dream you had. I too was a bit reluctant to try it out, because I used to think a dream is a freaking dream, nothing more. However, after a friend of mine continued to suggest it to me, I finally gave in and went to this website.

It's a dream dictionary (there are many of these online): you try and recall the key points/terms of your dream and search it there. For example, if you had a dream your house was on fire with your cousin in it, you can search cousin and fire. It'll come up with what it suggests or stands for.

I remember that I once used to have a recurring dream that my friend kept getting kidnapped. When I tried searched up the dictionary and it suggested that something about my friend was bothering me. I called her up- turns out she's been suffering from depression and had told no one. Now I know that's one of those rare, dream-related stories. You can believe what you want to! I just think dream interpretation is a very interesting thing and I have used it a few times with very accurate results.

Just wanted to share this with you guys... have a great day!


  1. Haha Im defo gonna have a look at this website, Keep dreaming that Im in class and forgot my homework... Problem is I finished school like 4 years ago? lol

  2. Funny thing, yesterday I dreamed that my mother has died. Sure dreams can be crazy sometimes.

  3. i prefer to find some psicological thing, i dont beieve in dreams's dictionary

    nice post

  4. When I dream, I use to see many people committing suicide. D:


  5. Dream dictionaries are a strange idea. Since most people have personal relationships to objects and ideas that aren't inclusive to the general population, it is hard to really accurately understand most dreams. I feel that most of mine are just my mind wandering in multiple directions and showing me what it has to offer.
    However, dreams are extremely interesting things and learning about how to possibly recognize your own hidden messages in dreams is actually something I really enjoy.
    But nice post, btw. Keep em coming.