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Monday, August 29, 2011

Are you bored? Feel like helping out? :)

I want to introduce you guys to a website that I've been using and loved for years now. Many of you have probably heard of it: Freerice

Play Freerice and feed the hungry

Basically, it's a way to smarten yourself up on many different subjects: Vocabulary, grammar, languages, science, math, art, and so many more! Once you've selected your subject of choice, you are presented with a question pertaining to the subject. If you get it right, you've donated 10 grains of rice to freerice.com! How does this work, you ask? You see, everytime you get a question right, a sponsor's banner appears on the bottom of the page. Freerice.com is paid a small amount of money each time it appears- this amount equates to 10 grains of rice. You can keep going and earn as much rice grains as you want!

Feel free to make an account there so you can make groups with friends, compete with others, and track your progress. I've had so much fun at this website. It really is a legitimate website; it is not a scam! There are videos on the website where Freerice is donating its hard-earned rice to underprivileged villages.

Any time you are bored, you should visit this site and have fun! You can even use this site to help revise for any tests you might have related to the subjects listed on this site. It benefits both us and people in need.

If you still have questions, you can visit their FAQ.

Have fun guys!


  1. I've actually heard of people running automated scripts that can complete the puzzles and earn 300 rice an hour. Cool story, i know.

  2. This is a fantastic system, everybody wins!

  3. heard of this before, it's neat if it's all true. just donated a couple hundred lol.

  4. It's 100% legit :)I think it got some "best non-profit website" award last year or the year before. I know, you feel really good donating all this rice! haha

  5. Definatly looking into this... thanks!

  6. Wow, this is a really good thing all giving to a good cause!