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Sunday, August 28, 2011

High School Relationships: are they worh it?

Oh, high school. Even saying it brings back a lot of memories. Don't we all remember the crushes, the boyfriends/girlfriends, the bad grades, the parties and the rumors? I sure do. But today, I'm only going to focus on high school relationships. Looking back, I remember my freshmen years pining after the oh-so-dreamy "man of my dreams" (pfft), wasting hours and hours thinking about how we'd end up married, blah blah blah.  How much time I wasted thinking about guys, I don't know. But I'm pretty sure it adds up to a three digit number....

So here's the question: is it really worth having relationships in high school? It is nearly always that high school relationships stay as high school relationships, with the exception of a few that go to college together or visit each other and nearby colleges. However, there is a very, very small minority that last throughout the post-college years and end up getting married happily. It is a cynical way to put it, I know, but it's the truth. 

So why waste many precious days of our high school life getting our adolescent hearts "broken"? Why do we decide to skip our homework in exchange for talking to our crush on Skype all night? Why can't we all just skip the parties and boyfriends until we're grown ups and just concentrate on grades? Well, there is a very important reason why we shouldn't do precisely that:


Not just dating experience, but life experience. We learn from our mistakes, our heartbreaks, the rejections, and our first few relationships.  It's always good to learn from mistakes, whether it is yours or a friend's. You get to explore and find what kinds of girls/guys you like. You can also find out what type of person you really are when put in a different light. Not only does it teach you from your mistakes, it teaches the younger generation how to interact socially with people at an intimate level (and it does not always have to be sexual!). Social skills, in my opinion, are key later in your life. Not only for your future career, but for yourself as well. We can look back and think, "wow, I wonder why I dated a guy like him?" and make a mental note to avoid guys (or girls) that hurt us previously. It all helps us in our adult life. 

Now that I've gone through all the boring "benefits" of high school dating, there is also the fact that it is just a nice thing to try. Who wants to go through high school without a single boyfriend/girlfriend by choice? Even though most people roll their eyes at teenage love: aka puppy love, I myself believe that teens can really love. Sure, it is a rare thing but it does exist (and it can be a beautiful thing). 

For any teens reading this, I say go for it when it comes to relationships! Don't be afraid to meet new people but also, do not forget to stick to your morals. These crushes and relationships will be very helpful in your future life, not to mention that they are fun at the moment as well. Who knows? That cute guy in geometry can end up being your husband in ten years! Did that sound creepy? Possibly, but I meant it in the nicest way possible. 

Have a great day guys!


  1. Sending this to a friend of mine who doesn't believe in highschool relationships :D Very nice write up, with some good reasons!

  2. wow, thanks! I'm glad I helped! :)