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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Saint's Row: The Third (finally!)

I know I am a few months late but I finally got my hands on a copy of Saint's Row 3 (a miracle that it was an English copy.. hard to find in Spain!) last weekend. I've been dying to play it ever since I heard of it a few months back but I gotta admit I was a little too busy with Skyrim, MW3, BF3, etc. It was a shame that I only got to play for a few hours but work got in the way, sadly :(

Anyways, first impressions on the campaign? I love it! I've never played a Saint's Row game before so I did not know what to expect (my friends did describe it as "a crazier version of GTA"). I was not disappointed! First off, I personally think it's hilariously written. Saint's Row makes a normal video game situation a hundred times more funny with clever dialogue and an amusingly large variety of props and weapons. Besides, I love the control you have; sure, there are missions to do but you can do them at your own pace and the rest of the time, you are left to explore a huge and free world (just my type of game!). You aren't forced to do anything and I did quite enjoy the little FPS-elements that were implemented into the game.

The only one downside would be the graphics; no, they are not horrible, in fact they are quite decent but they were not as good as i expected. But who cares? I'm not much of a graphics-person anyways (countless hours spent on Minecraft will prove my point) and... the game is awesome!



  1. I haven't played any of the SR games either. I might give this a shot

  2. great, great game! One of the most entertaining game I ever played.
    This game is better if you play it with a friend. Co-op mode. Try it!