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Monday, March 19, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale... wow!

I'd just like to point out that anyone who watches TWD should not read this because it may contain spoilers! Also, you should probably exit this blog and watch the episode already.

Glad to see that T-Dog finally gets a few lines in this episode, too.

All in all, I must say I was incredibly surprised at the quality of last night's episode. To be completely honest, Season 2 had been a bit of a letdown for me compared to the previous season. Sure, the producers might have intentionally put them in a more stable location to leave room for character development, but in my opinion they took it too far as to completely disregard the main point of the TV show (in my opinion): zombies. I think there were all too many episodes where the main focus was on the social problems going on on the farm and not enough zombie head-exploding. :)

Anyways, to start off, the finale started a bit more differently than others. It already became interesting when the first scene showed a hoard of zombies and the mysterious helicopter in the city. Soon, they started going over to Herschel's farm after they heard Dale's gun go off in the woods. The ranch is soon under attack by thousands of zombies and it is up to Rick's group and Herschel's family to ward them off. Too bad it wasn't just a handful, but literally thousands of zombies endlessly pouring into the farm.

To make things short, everyone is able to get away to safety... save for a few unfortunate people (not saying). Andrea gets separated from the group and finds herself cornered by zombies in the woods as she runs away, only to be saved by a mysterious hooded figure (not cliche.. at all :P) with a katana and what seems like two zombie slaves. Don't believe me? Watch the episode already! From what I've heard, the mysterious person is one of the later occurring characters in the comic book series (her name is Michonne), so I'll be looking forward to that. The rest of the gang meet and fortify at the highway where it all started in Season 2 and find some shelter as they plan their next move, Andrea already considered dead.

Why I loved this episode? Because of how fast-paced it was. There were barely any 10 minute, emotional dialogues between anyone and had a satisfying amount of guns and dead zombies (apologies for sounding so barbaric). This was a great comeback; it reminded me a lot of Season 1 and I can safely say that I am looking forward to Season 3!

P.S. Sorry, I still can't stand Lori. As much as I've tried to get used to her, I just can't.


  1. i just discovered this show last week and spent 2 days watching all of season one and two-catching up just in time for the finale. me gusta!!!

  2. I am not reading this post, and for future references if you are explaining something that someone might not have seen yet write spoiler alert!!! Love u <3