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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More on Assassin's Creed 3

I know I don't do sequential posts nor is this a gaming blog, but you guys have to understand that I am wayyy too excited over AC3! I simply cannot pass this up! :) Everyone who is an AC fan has probably already seen this, but it doesn't hurt to put up their brand new trailer!

I know I've already talked about the scaling, but this video looks so. Good. I wouldn't mind if the highest buildings were farmhouses and haystacks if we actually got to jump around trees like that. Anyone remember AC2? How Ezio could climb to the highest steeple of the highest church but couldn't even climb a stout little tree? Disappointing. Also, did anyone notice the tomahawk? Beautiful. Simply beautiful. I was never a tomahawk person myself (and by that, I mean rage-filled days on COD as I tried over and over to get the Scalper achievement) but this just makes me all tingly and happy.

Here is an amazing article I found on IGN with new details on the upcoming installment of Assassin's Creed!

For those of you who are lazy like me, here is a general summary of all the key features (that we know of so far) of AC3:
  • The assassin's name is Connor, son of a British father and a Native American mother. 
  • It is set between 1753 and 1783 and includes a lot of historical events
  • The map will be set between New York and Boston
  • You will be able to hunt animal and sell their pelts for money
  • Weather! Different weather effects depending on whether it is summer or winter
  • You can join specific clubs to do certain quests
  • You will be able to earn money and property like in the previous AC games
  • Desmond will stay, but will no longer be in a coma
For anyone who is not a big fan of AC, I am sorry for these irrelevant quotes. I just thought I really, really had to make this post.

Hope you guys enjoyed !

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