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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What grinds my gears

I decided to make a list of a few random things that can seriously drive me up the wall. And seem to happen quite often a lot recently.

Here goes! Hopefully you guys can relate to some of these.

1. The sound of people chewing. Oh god. Sometimes I have to excuse myself from the table if it gets too bad and eat in a separate room.

 2. When something is asymmetrical. Everything has to be the same on both sides, or in the middle. Everything. Actually, I don't think this is too rare; I have a lot of friends that are like this too.

3. Gum that loses flavor after 3 seconds. *cough* Juicy Fruit *cough*

4. That one day you don't do your homework has to be the day your teacher decides to check it. Even though he never has for the past 90 days.

5. The one time you don't know the answer to the question is exactly when your teacher calls on you. I swear, teachers are out to get us.

6. People who think yelling like their life depends on it when you are half a meter away will get their point across better. It doesn't. Not for me, at least.

7. Being in line and seeing a freshman invite 900 of her cronies to cut in front of you. As long as it's behind her, it's totally okay. Of course.

8. Getting into an argument with someone, and coming up with the perfect comeback. Two hours later. In the shower.

9. Their, they're, and there. Your and You're. I think I've said enough.

10. People who are glued to their Blackberry's. Not that I mind much, except when they don't even make eye contact when I talk to them.

11. "Sure, you can copy my homework. But I got about half of those wrong for sure, that okay?" "yeah it doesn't matter, thanks man!" (3 hours later) "What the hell, I lost 20 points because you got #2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 11, 16, 17, 19 and 22 wrong. Do a better job next time."

12. Out of all 200 seats in the movie theater, someone decides that YOUR seat is going to be THEIR footrest.

13. "Can I wear that dress tonight?" "Sorry, I lent it to a friend." "No worries, I can wait while you get it back."

14. Movie posters that use the same, generic orange/blue contrast. Stop it.

15. The one spot on your body that got bruised yesterday just had to have a stapler fall right on the exact spot a few hours later.

Hope everyone had an awesome January! IMO it went by too fast for me, but that's how it's always like.


  1. What grinds my gears is people making lists about what grinds their gears. =P

  2. Haha I'm pretty sure that you and I would get along well, I share the vast majority of these grievances with you.

  3. Number 9!! Especially at a dinner or lunch. It's terrible manners to have someone in front of you while you check your phone every second...put it down!