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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

American Horror Story!

Some of you guys might have seen the cheesy teasers for American Horror Story (a TV show that aired in 2011). I wasn't a huge horror/thriller fanatic at the time so I just ignored it.  Besides, it looked too much like a mashup of overused horror themes and stereotypical characters.


What finally brought me to watch it was because of boredom. Well, that's what I told myself. Truth is, a little part of me actually devours TV shows like these so I thought I'd give it a try! And it was possibly one of the best decisions I made, TV show-wise. 
What's so special about AHS is how it can already give you the chills by the way it's been filmed, its transitions, and its extremely spooky opening sequence. In addition, it's hard to find the one main character/protagonist. Now, people who like to follow the solid TV show structure might find this unappealing, but it in fact adds more mystery and gives you a chance to explore all the characters. AHS doesn't tell you everything from the start, there are even a few very vague clues scattered around for you to find out. Even by the season finale, you are left hanging to decide the answer to some of the questions. And... the plot twists! The plot twists are just... everywhere! And they are possibly my favorite part of the whole show. You can never predict what's coming and keeps you coming back for more. The actors in my opinion are great and it is very well-written overall.  I was devastated when Season 1 was over so fast, but I am glad there will be another one (different setting, story, house, etc. however). There is rarely any outright gore. No, the writers weren't that amateurish in trying to 'scare' you. It's the little things that really get to you.

AHS isn't your average horror story. I am so glad FX had decided to take up a new show that still has the old horror components, but have implemented so many unique elements that make it so creepy, so deranged, and so perfect! You will definitely be impressed (and creeped out) by the first episode. Even if you are not a huge horror fan, you will definitely enjoy this show if you enjoy mystery, drama, or thrillers. 

Now that I'm done with AHS for now, I'm planning on watching Sherlock. Any opinions on that?


  1. I need to watch this.

  2. i hear this show is good, it's on my "must see" list. just finished "sherlock" i enjoyed it very much!

  3. sounds like the show is at least worth a shot, i'll give it a shot someday.