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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Movie soundtracks!

Exam week is nearing and I was scavenging for a good study playlist to keep me concentrated and motivated. I came across this one which definitely kept me going for a good few hours. And then, guess which song came out? It was the soundtrack from one of my favorite movies of all time! Eeek!

Many of you guys will probably recognize this song (you gotta love Randy Newman).. or at least this movie! This song definitely brought back some good memories. I gotta admit, I enjoy most types of movies but nothing gets me going more than a good Pixar or Disney movie.

Who could forget the first intro to TS1? I believe I was only in elementary when I first watched it. It's amazing how much 3D animations have improved since then.

I know there have been a few rumors about a 4th Toy Story and to be honest, I wish they'd just leave it at the trilogy, because it's perfect enough! Unless Pixar can find a way to make it even better, in which case I have no complaints! Any thoughts on a prospective TS4?

For anyone who also has exams like me, you should definitely check out the playlist I linked above by the way. :) It's definitely worth a listen!


  1. I don't think I will love any animated movies as much as the Toy Story series.

  2. Well, Toy Story 3 ended being so profitable that naturally the higher ups want more of that tear jerker money.

    Have you seen the Barbie-Ken short movie they made? That was pretty entertaining.

  3. Love it as a kid.
    Love it now.

  4. nice soundtracks !

  5. Awesome movie series, awesome soundtracks!
    They did a good work there