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Thursday, January 12, 2012

A new (improved) view on procrastination!

If any of you guys have read this post, you will know that I am a major procrastinator. In fact, it took me a good half hour to get my butt off the couch and write this post for you guys. :) I was perusing some procrastination-related articles (when I was supposed to be doing my homework) and came to this article. It explains procrastination in a simpler, easier way instead of psychoanalyzing every little bit of it. Check it out if you want, but that's the main point of this blog post. No, it was the video that was included in the article that I particularly enjoyed! Here, see for yourself!

Here's what the website had to say on this video. 

The kids sat at a table in front of a bell and some treats. They could pick a pretzel, a cookie or a giant marshmallow. They told the little boys and girls they could either eat the treat right away or wait a few minutes. If they waited, they would double their payoff and get two treats. If they couldn’t wait, they had to ring the bell after which the researcher would end the experiment.
Some made no attempt at self-control and just ate right away. Others stared intensely at the object of their desire until they gave in to temptation. Many writhed in agony, twisting their hands and feet while looking away. Some made silly noises.
Mischel has followed the lives of all his subjects through high-school, college and into adulthood where they accumulated children, mortgages and jobs.
The revelation from this research is kids who were able to overcome their desire for short-term reward in favor of a better outcome later weren’t smarter than the other kids, nor were they less gluttonous. They just had a better grasp of how to trick themselves into doing what was best for them.
This article in itself was very fascinating, and I thought I'd share. Also, the video is pretty damn cute. Just saying. 


  1. +1 (I agree with the research results)

    Its just mind over matter, and amazingly enough, the projects that I don't procrastinate on, have much better results than the ones done last minute, which is contrary to the popular belief that last minute=best results

    Mind over matter mang!

  2. Meh... marshmallow. I wonder how same would it be with something tasty.

  3. Great experiment. I would have probably eaten my marshmallow right away.
    Interesting blog, following!

  4. hahhahaha great!!!