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Thursday, November 17, 2011


Well, winter break is nearing and I can tell everyone at school has been slacking off lately. I'm pretty sure everyone here has procrastinated at one point; choosing to go to a party, play video games or finish watching HIMYM before going on to homework (or other significantly more important things). I've always put schoolwork first on my list but even I gotta admit that I've stayed up late a few nights because I'd wasted the whole day on other things. You know that guilty feeling that wells up at the pit of your stomach when you know you're not using your time efficiently? Yup, that's happened to me too.

I do think it has a lot to do with balancing out our lives (check out the diagram in this post as a reference). It's hard, I know, but here are a few tips that I've accumulated throughout my life that might help you out. Along with that, a very well-known IB-program director visited our school the other day and gave us a few tips as well. This is mainly directed to students but I guess it can work for other people too :)

 How not to procrastinate so much and study properly (tips and tricks)
  1.  Make a list (like I'm doing now)  of all the things you know need to be done. List the top-priority things first, less important things after. Things you do for fun (TV, Facebook, video games) are on the BOTTOM! Put it somewhere in sight so you can check it off as you go. 
  2. Study time is study time. Free time is free time. Get it straight before you start your work. Have all your textbooks, calculators, worksheets, etc. ready before you get started so that you don't spend half the time running around. 
  3. Be comfortable. Is your room the right temperature? Lighting? Are you in an ergonomically correct position? 
  4. Get rid of all distractions. Close your door, turn off your phone, you get the point. 
  5. Plan study breaks. No one can study for a solid four hours. In fact, I believe it was confirmed that the human brain can only focus on a certain thing for half an hour before we start getting distracted. During your break, stretch, go get a snack.
  6. Reward yourself! Decide to treat yourself when you are done with the big project or studying for the huge exam. 
  7. Get anti-procrastination programs like Concentrate (Mac OS X) to block off sites (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter) for a pre-determined amount of time so you can get started on your work without distractions.
I hope these helped. I constantly have to refer to this list whenever I get distracted, but I find that this always gives good results. 

On an unrelated note, how is everyone handling the cold? I love the winter yet I have to admit the worst moment of my day is having to wake up to go to school when I'm all cocoon-ed in my bed covers :)


  1. I wish I had read those tips when I was still in school... thankfully I made it through by the skin of my teeth!

  2. Procrastination is my middle name. Pretty much every aspect of my life is affected by it to some degree.

  3. Procrastination is destroying my life...

    I wonder if this is really a medical condition or just a lack of motivation.