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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

20 Reasons Why Cats are Awesome

My cat. Many tears will be shed at his cuteness.
  1. The adorable factor, obviously
  2. Their purring is very therapeutic and relaxing
  3. Their mewing is also pretty cute
  4. Soft, furry paws... when claws are not retracted
  5. They are not needy and clingy
  6. Cats toilet train themselves
  7. They make good belly warmers
  8. Their fur is of ultimate soft caliber
  9. They can tell when you are in a bad mood
  10. However, they are too cool to care
  11. Cats are chill, not too much work
  12. Their tails are fun to watch
  13. Cats can manipulate you with just their eyes (eg. Puss in Boots)
  14. They make up 60% of the Internet (which says something)
  15. Cats can get any girl they want solely based on their looks (just kidding)
  16. They make you look like a sophisticated individual
  17. They balance out how much attention your dog needs
  18. They guard your bed
  19. You can entertain them for hours with a plastic bag
  20. Name them anything you want and it still sounds awesome. 

And to top off your day... I present this!

There we go. So... if you don't have a cat yet, go adopt one! If you do, get another one! :)

Sorry for the short post, I felt like I had to dedicate this to my cat for some reason.


  1. I like cats that are people friendly. Too many cats that hate me for no reason. My girlfriend's cat though is like the feline version of my dog. If he sees new people, he wants to play with them.

  2. Just 20? There should be more than nine thousand reasons.. Cool post, loved the gif in the end..

  3. I'm more of a dog person, but cats are adorable :D

  4. I love dem cats. :3

  5. I like cats but I'm a dog person.
    As in I like dogs more, I'm no werewol- Ok you know what I mean.
    But I do have 2 maine coons (brown & silver), the best kind of cats IMO~

  6. it's all good, cats are amazing.

  7. I approve of this blog post! (: I love cats. My cat will catch flies and eat them, which is kind of gross but also very helpful.

  8. haha cats that gif made my day thank you so much :)

  9. I love the GIF of the white kitten!