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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Why phones and friends don't go together

Happy November guys! I thought I'd share something that happened to me the other day. Well, more like two things. Involving my close friends and my cell phone.

First off, I made the huge mistake of lending my phone to two of my guy friends because they desperately needed to look up an assignment on it. Whatever, I was okay with that so I lent it to them before school started. I got it back four hours later with them smirking like idiots. The screen seemed to have been scratched to death. Oh, and that was the least of my worries. My phone was off and when I turned it on, it turned out that they had changed my pin number. I have no idea how; maybe they knew my old one or guessed it? Anyways, I spent the remainder of the day trying to figure it out because of course, they wouldn't tell me. After incessant pleading they finally gave in and told me the unnecessarily complicated pin number. Once I actually turned it on, for some reason all of my three dozen widgets had been dragged out onto my desktop. Contact names had been changed to "lol" and all my memos erased. And let's not forget all my text messages and photos being erased! I was not amused.

Two days later, I had to make an urgent call to my parents during lunch time. This is where the immature circle of friends come in. My mom picked up the phone and a chorus of "Hi Hannah's mom!" followed. Not that bad, right? Soon after my friends were shouting, "stop hogging the bottle to yourself!" and "hang up already and pass me the lighter, Hannah!". Oh, it gets worse. My phone was then wrestled out of my hand and one of my friends then proceeded to have a 3-minute conversation with my mom discussing my non-existant drug habits. Needless to say, my mother was not very happy (even after I called her an hour later and explained what really happened).

Moral of the story: no phones when your immature friends are around.


  1. With friends like these, who needs enemies haha

  2. I don't own a phone. (:

  3. oh god i know that feeling. Mind you i've pulled off the, pass the vodka, trick a few times :P

  4. lol, I kill them if te same happens to me xD

  5. wow you got some dick head friends, i'd be pissed if someone scratched my phones screen.