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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Restaurants in Korea

With the short time I spent in S. Korea a few weeks back, I got to relive the delicious food I had missed for so long. What I had evidently failed to notice years ago was how disturbing some of the restaurant signs were. I admit it. The food is incredible and the atmosphere is contagiously amicable, but those lit up signs in front of these places disturb me at times. For example, a place that specializes in duck meat would put up a sign with a duck eating roasted duck. Does that not traumatize anyone else in the least? The signs clearly depict an act of cannibalism taking place, yet people find it as more incentive to eagerly rush in and eat. In fact, I can bet that the frozen smile of said duck-mascot on the welcome signs is onto a slow and gradual mental deterioration as it is forced to watch hundreds of people stream in and eat its brethren. I'm no vegetarian, but just considering the psychological aspects of putting up a sign like that. *shivers*

Is this ethically correct? 
Haha welcome! I fixedly watch my kind getting butchered and consumed on a massive level for an indefinite amount of time! :) 

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  1. i would surely be weirded out by seeing that sign