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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I'm so random!!!!! XD

Why do people find the need to describe themselves as random? That often seems like the best word to define a person when that individual, in reality, has no clue about where to classify themselves. Not that there's a huge problem with that. But it gives the asker no idea of what sort of "random" you are. Unpredictable? Impulsive? Or do we take that term literally and perceive the person to change personality and appearance on an hourly basis (which I would loosely diagnose as Multiple Personality Disorder, but I'm no doctor). Most of the time, it's used as an excuse to act flippant, uncaring of consequences and rude and just grouping that to a single, neutral word. Word of advice... when you're at an interview (for a job, school, whatever), when asked what sort of traits define you, don't pluck up and say you're "random". Please. It really irks me, and leaves most of us clueless.

The perfect example of how a simple word like "random" can be ruined due to overuse by a group of like minded teens.

Thank you for your time. I'm going to take a  little break from writing "random' so many times because it's beginning to lose meaning.