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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Does high school prepare you for life... or college?

Here is an article that I've been wanting to share with you guys for a long time. It reflects on what high school (or even middle school) truly teaches adolecents these days. Does the college application process, the pressure to be high achievers and go to the best colleges impede each individual's creative growth? It seems more and more that importance is placed more on which classes you take, whether they are advanced or not, how high your college is ranked, etc. Teens spend so much time worrying and planning out their college life that they barely have any breathing room for themselves. Time for them to personally expand and experience, well, for lack of better words, teen life experiences.

Understandably, college is a highly important process to many of us, and some of us even see it as an unavoidable step in our academic career. However, will we soon convert into workaholics who have only one goal, to have a nice looking transcript or resume? Will we soon disregard the more shallow and fun things in life for having things look good on paper?

Personally, I believe academic enforcement and being strong willed is definitely a good trait. However, we should never forget to express our individualism and not discard our precious years of youth just to get into a good school or stress out over extremely advanced classes that, quite frankly, a teen should not be worrying about.

Have a good read, this is a very intriguing article! 

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