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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

29th of February! (and a moment of silence)

Today's the 29th (happens only once every four year.. you've probably heard this over a dozen times by now) so I thought I'd make a special post to commemorate this day.

Students praying for victims of the shooting

Having come home from a long day at school I wanted to find something to entertain you guys. During this quest, I saw one of the headlines at TIME and decided to take a look. It was about a school shooting in Ohio a few days ago. Long story short, a teen (who did not attend the high school where the shooting took place) decided to walk into the school cafeteria and shoot into a group of ten students, wounding quite a few of them and killing three. The suspect (T.J. Lane) appeared in court earlier and people are still perplexed as to why he did it. He didn't know these students, he didn't have any mental problems (or so it seemed), he was just your average everyday kid.

Whatever prompted him to do such an unspeakable thing, my heart goes out to all those students, faculty and families that have been affected by this. I myself have never been in such a situation so no, I don't know what it would have felt like to be one of the students involved, but I can guess that I would be incredibly terrified and traumatized. It's sad that the younger people of the new generation resort to random crimes like this. What's even sadder is that this is not the first, nor last time that something like this will happen.

We see stories like these everyday, they are on the news for a few days and then it's gone. We forget about all these young adults who had such a bright future and it was extinguished in seconds because of one person's (beyond) horrible act, or how just a week ago the only worries they probably had was about exams or their social life. All these victims just join the long list of other people who lost their lives because of unfair actions. Their names and faces stop mattering to the general public save for their loved ones and we learn to move on. Sometimes I think we forget that each and every person that was killed or murdered is not and never will be part of some "statistic". No, they were each very unique people that soon have everything special about them washed away as time passes. I hope some of you guys keep this in mind.

So yeah, sorry for this sad post. I just felt like I had to make it. And RIP to all the victims of this unfortunate event.

Hope everyone's February has gone by well! I can't believe it's already March!

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