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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Buying presents, Minecraft and... anger management??

A lot has been going on lately so I thought I would summarize some interesting things in small chunks. 


I gotta admit, I'm horrible with buying presents. I think it's me over thinking the whole process... "what if she hates it?""what if they already have it?""will they think I'm cheap for buying that??". Most people have a skill for present buying. I don't. I guess the fact that I over-complicate a lot of things and am naturally anxious doesn't play too well into it. So you can guess how horrible I was at Christmas shopping this year. Personally, I think the whole buying-Christmas presents has gone way out of proportion. Plus, I really hate huge crowds. I really do.

No, thank you.

I made myself promise that I wouldn't go out of control this year and just buy what I really wanted to give to each person. I thought I was doing well until I came home and realized I spent about 40 euros on a wallet for the homeless guy in front of the grocery store... oops. Better luck next year! :P

Lately I've become extremely addicted to Minecraft. I mean, I've always played this game once or twice a weekend for fun with my friends. But it's just become crazy recently! I literally started seeing everything in mine-able blocks after about three days of playing it endlessly. One word of advice: as addicting as this game is, it's very important to take a break (this goes for all video games)! I'm serious. It can take over your whole life, pretty much. And I thought I had pretty good self-control until I realized I was up at 3 AM trying to build a train station.

Anger Management 
Well, not really anger management. But I couldn't think of a better word for it. What I advice you guys is to not bottle things up a lot. I'm the type of person that doesn't do that whole "talking about feelings" thing much, so I just keep a cool head whenever I'm mad or just ignore it. It doesn't go away, trust me. If you're mad or upset or stressed or whatever, you should definitely talk to someone (friend, sibling, etc.) about it. Or else one day the littlest thing will make you break and you will go craaazyyy!! (I am speaking from personal experience over something that happened yesterday). It's not healthy for you!! So come on, talk about your feelings! :) 


  1. I saw the train station lol, seems like something a 12 year old could do :D

  2. Ha, I know the feeling. If I keep my feelings bunched up I end up feeling like I could punch someone. Def better to talk about it

  3. My co-worker is playing minecraft too. He said he couldn't wait to get off work so he can play some more of it.

  4. Heh, I spent five hours today picking out the perfect Christmas presents. I get you.

  5. "I've always played this game once or twice a weekend for fun with my friends. But it's just become crazy recently!"

    ahahahah I know that feeling... :^)