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Monday, October 1, 2012

Sharpies + lots of free time = ?

Back in Spain I was mesmerized by the graffiti and street art that were displayed on practically every surface. Some might call it vandalism, but you can see some of it is truly art. A lot of time and dedication goes into graffiti; and by this I'm not talking about those little scribbles you see in a bathroom stall. I mean those all-out works of art on murals, done with simple tools like spray paint. All the street art there inspired me to take on my own style and angle on street art without being an obnoxious, anger-fueled teen about it.

So after discovering my collection of Sharpies, I decided to spend my time productively by prioritizing this over my homework or any other extremely urgent school work. Here's what I came up with a few days back.

I admit it is a bit amateur-ish, but who cares? I love doing this! I always feel like I have to be busy doing something, so this has been a great source of interest for me the past few weeks. And now, some actual art from Madrid:

I've frequently seen kids in their teens going about at night to paint on walls. I find it pretty awesome that they are inspired and motivated to paint their passions on a surface. It's actually one of the small things I miss about Madrid!


  1. Nice, that's not a bad sketch! Have you ever practiced with paint pens and ceramic tiles?

  2. I could never do anything that artistic